Our Mane Textures

MANE TEXTURES : We all Have one!!!                                                 







This site is for those of us that are thinking about or are newly transitioning to naturally textured hair.Its a  place let your hair down and get comfortable.Isn't that what being natural is all about? It is for me! For years I felt bad about my thick,course hair, but not anymore. I fell into the stereotypical- image-thinking, that thick,course hair is bad or nappy. Well, now as I'm getting older I see it's not.So, I'm embracing my mane texture!What about you?

This social network is mainly for those in the CSRA, but anyone in SC or GA can join.Lets get together and tackle this revolution!I'd love to share my tips and techniques as well as learn new ones from you.So join my site and lets get to talking and sharing!

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